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My name is Joseph,

I am 8 years old. I was born with biliary atresia and it is destroying my liver.
I love mountain climbing and it is where I learned to be brave and to believe that the impossible becomes possible.
There is one summit that I need to conquer more than any others, and that is my liver transplant.
I can't do it without your help.
Right now my parents are raising money and establishing donations for my surgery abroad.
I need you help. Please make a donation.

Thank you


Biliary Atresia

is a congenital disease. An inflamation process that takes place in bile ducts causes their atresia.
The bile unable to flow from the liver, causes its fibrosis, then damage.
Joseph was diagnosed with this rare disease at 5 weeks and underwent a surgery called Kasai procedure, during which his unfunctioning bile ducts were replaced with a piece of his own intestine.
This surgery is, in the vast majority of cases, only a temporary solution. The inflamation process intiated in the liver continues.


We hoped

Joseph would continue to do well despite doctors’ predictions.
Unfortunatelly, his present condition does not allow to expect he would do without a transplant.
His liver is cirrhotic, his spleen significantly enlarged, he suffers from esophagus varices.
There is no doubt that the only path to a helthier life in the future is a liver transplant.

We, the parents, are raising funds for our son to be operated by professor Barbara Wildhaber in Geneva.
After eight years of our struggle with the disease we have decided to choose a doctor and hospital which would give best chance to save our son's life.
The cost of such surgery is 160 000 CHF.